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bioesthetic-dentistry-profileMost people find that over the years that their smile has changed and they wonder if it can be improved?

Bioesthetic dentistry uses the approach of restoring beauty, health and function to your smile by integrating the art of cosmetic dentistry along with the science of bio-mechanics.

Bioesthetics is a new biology-based approach to treatment that is based on extensive scientific research and observation of the human chewing system. Bioesthetics is a comprehensive approach with the goal of achieving achieving a great looking smile along with full functionality:

  • Jaw joints are stable
  • Muscles are relaxed
  • Teeth are not worn down

Bioesthetic dentistry aims to diagnose the cause of tooth wear and other chewing problems versus just treating the symptoms as traditional dentistry would. Normal cosmetic dentistry is focused on beautifying the teeth or smile and is normally solely driven by appearance rather than for function. The bioesthetic process aims to restore damaged teeth to their original youthful shape and to optimize mouth function.

bioesthetic-before-afterBy being proactive, patients who undergo bioesthetic treatment can enjoy:

  • Excellent esthetics
  • Improved function
  • Comfort
  • Long-lasting dental health

As a result of bioesthetic treatment, patients feel better, look their best and the need for future restorative dental work is significantly reduced. Bioesthetic dentistry is a comprehensive and proactive approach to dental health.

Is Bioesthetic treatment the same as cosmetic treatment?

No, and the difference is critical. Cosmetic dentistry may put a beautiful surface on your teeth, but does not treat the underlying problem that caused the breakdown or wear. Ongoing problems often follow.

In contrast, Bioesthetic treatment restores ideal alignment and function, preventing further problems. Symmetry is restored in the face muscles, creating a relaxed and youthful appearance. Restoring correct length to the teeth brings the face back into proportion, countering the caved-in look of the lower face that occurs with worn teeth.

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